Trust Administration

Our Attorneys Specialize in Trust Administration

Trust Administration

Preserving Your Trust for Future Generations

Trust administration is a critical component of ensuring that the assets held in trust are managed and distributed according to the grantor’s wishes. At Logan & Logan, our trust administration attorneys are skilled in overseeing trusts, safeguarding their assets, and providing clear communication to beneficiaries.

Our Services:

  • Trust Management: We manage and administer trusts in accordance with the grantor’s instructions, ensuring that assets are invested and distributed appropriately.

  • Beneficiary Representation: We represent the interests of trust beneficiaries, ensuring they receive their distributions as directed by the trust documents.

  • Fiduciary Responsibilities: If you are a trustee, we provide guidance and support in fulfilling your fiduciary duties.

  • Trust Amendments and Modifications: We assist in amending and modifying trusts when necessary, addressing changing circumstances.

Why Choose Us:

  • Trust Expertise: Our attorneys possess extensive knowledge of trust law and the nuances of trust administration in Massachusetts.

  • Clear Communication: We prioritize open and transparent communication with beneficiaries, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the trust and their rights.

  • Asset Preservation: We work to protect trust assets and ensure they are managed prudently, safeguarding the interests of both the grantor and beneficiaries.

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