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The immigration process is already hard, and choosing the wrong attorney and law firm can make it even harder and more expensive. While most immigration attorneys mean well, many don’t take the time to understand your situation, make promises they can’t keep, or have too many clients to handle. This can leave you feeling forgotten, unsure about your remaining days in the United States, worried about when you’ll see your spouse or family again, and stressed about having enough time or money to change course. As your immigration attorneys, Logan & Logan LLP will provide you with the best legal representation from our first meeting to the end of your case.

Types Of Immigration Services We Handle

We handle various immigration cases to meet your needs. For marriage-based immigration, we help with consular processing or adjustment of status to get a green card through marriage. In family-based immigration, we assist U.S. citizens in bringing family members to the United States. We also help with green cards and other visas for you, your spouse, or family members to move, stay, or work here. Our services include assistance with citizenship and naturalization, from N-400 applications to interview preparation and representation. Additionally, we offer help with filling out immigration forms correctly and fixing errors on previously submitted paperwork. For temporary visas, we assist with tourist (B-2), business (B-1), and student (F-1) visas. Get started by calling us at 617-209-3723 or fill out our contact form.


More Services We Offer In Quincy, MA

South Shore Immigration Lawyers

The Logan & Logan LLP team specializes in various visas, including visitor and K-1 fiancé visas, offering detailed guidance to ensure a higher success rate. We provide dedicated support for asylum seekers fleeing persecution, understanding the urgency of the process. Our attorneys are also experienced in handling deportation proceedings and can assist with obtaining green cards and naturalization. If you or someone you know is in immigration detention, we offer effective support for release and navigating legal challenges. Additionally, we specialize in employment-based visas and petitions for individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses, helping you achieve your professional and corporate ambitions in the U.S. Contact us to explore our comprehensive immigration services.


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The lawyers at Logan & Logan LLP offer top-tier representation for individuals and corporations dealing with the complexities of U.S. immigration laws. By approaching each case with objectivity and creativity, we aim to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients’ unique needs. Our lawyers serve clients across the greater Boston area, including the cities of  Weymouth, Quincy, Braintree, and Dorchester, MA. If you live outside the South Shore, we provide free Zoom consultations for everyone. Book an initial consultation with one of our dedicated and professional lawyers at Logan & Logan LLP today and begin your journey to citizenship.

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