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Ensuring the well-being of your loved ones and preserving the fruits of your labor is a matter of profound significance. At our esteemed firm, we understand the weight of these responsibilities. With years of collective expertise, our seasoned attorneys stand ready to serve as your trusted guides through the intricate realm of estate planning. At Logan & Logan, we take pride in our team of dedicated trust and estate planning attorneys. They are not just legal practitioners but also adept architects of personalized trusts and comprehensive estate plans. We understand that your estate is a testament to a lifetime of hard work and ambition, and we approach its protection with utmost care.

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The attorneys at Logan & Logan LLP focus on the important task of planning for the future. This is often a difficult process as it forces people to plan for unforeseen, unpleasant future events. However, this process is essential if you want to be the person to determine how your estate is handled and how you are taken care of later in life. We understand this is a sensitive time and offer Estate Planning services at competitive rates.


At Logan & Logan, our team of estate and tax planning attorneys is committed to assisting you in safeguarding your wealth and reducing your tax burdens. We grasp the nuanced relationship between estate planning and taxation, utilizing advanced strategies to guarantee the preservation of your assets for the benefit of future generations.


Managing the loss of a loved one can be challenging enough. Let the experienced lawyers at Logan & Logan LLP manage the administration of your estate. We will work with you and your family during this process to offer our legal expertise, making sure of efficient and compliant estate settlements.

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Effective trust administration plays a vital role in ensuring that trust assets are handled and distributed in alignment with the grantor’s intentions. At Logan & Logan, our team of trust administration attorneys excels in supervising trusts, protecting their assets, and maintaining transparent communication with beneficiaries.


Our trust accounting experts at Logan & Logan LLP, located in Quincy, MA, will provide you with a comprehensive record of trust transactions, income, expenses, and distributions, providing detailed financial reports to trustees and beneficiaries.


Navigating the complexities of guardianships and conservatorships requires a knowledgeable and compassionate legal team. At Logan & Logan, we understand the significance of these legal arrangements in safeguarding the interests and well-being of individuals who may be unable to manage their affairs independently.

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At Logan & Logan, we don’t simply manage estates; we protect legacies. Let us be the sturdy pillars upon which your future plans are built, offering you the assurance that your loved ones and assets are secure in capable hands. Contact Logan & Logan LLP today if you have been thinking about taking the first step toward securing your legacy and providing for your loved ones’ future. We can schedule a consultation in person or online to understand your needs or call (617) 209-3723 and then customize an Estate Plan for you and your family. Click here to learn more about the next steps to planning your Estate Plan.

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