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When a relationship encounters irreconcilable differences, leading to the decision of divorce, Logan & Logan is here to assist you in navigating the challenges that may arise during this process. Divorces are inherently complex, even when both parties agree it’s the next step. There are numerous considerations and matters that must be addressed to ensure a smooth transition for both parties.

Our dedicated family law attorneys at Logan & Logan are committed to helping you and your family navigate through your distinct circumstances. We will provide guidance throughout this journey, advocating to achieve your objectives. We’ll demystify the legal process, effectively representing your interests. We’ll support you all the way, helping you understand your options and confidently handle the challenges of divorce.

Our attorneys are devoted to safeguarding your best interests through our legal services and striving for favorable outcomes. We excel in negotiation, seeking amicable resolutions through mediation or collaborative law. When necessary, we’re formidable advocates in the courtroom.

Helping You Simplify Your Massachusetts Divorce

The experts at Logan & Logan LLP will make your divorce process simple. Our attorneys specialize in simplifying the process for divorces. We offer various service plans at an affordable rate, providing essential information on child support, conservatorship, and other legal aspects. With our guidance, you’ll be well-prepared for a smooth and efficient divorce process. Contact us if you’re interested in starting your divorce process in Massachusetts! We offer virtual meetings, so we can serve the whole state. Our office location is in downtown Quincy, MA.

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At Logan & Logan, we take the time to understand your unique circumstances and concerns, working alongside you to pursue the best course of action.

Here are some key points to be aware of when it comes to divorce in Massachusetts:

  • In Massachusetts, most divorces are considered “no fault”. This means that it’s only necessary to demonstrate that the marriage is irreparable.

  • Divorces can also be based on “fault” grounds, such as adultery.

  • If both spouses have reached an agreement on the terms of the divorce at the time of filing, it can be processed as an uncontested divorce. If you and your partner do not concur on the terms at the time of filing, your divorce will be considered contested.

If you are considering a divorce in Greater Boston, it is critical to get advice and information from a family law professional. Logan & Logan LLP offers a free consultation to discuss your options and determine the best solution for you and your children. We understand that each family and each situation is different and we welcome the opportunity to speak to you and offer our knowledge of how Massachusetts family law will apply to you. Call (617) 209-3723 for a free initial consultation with a Boston divorce attorney.

Top Divorce Lawyers In Massachusetts & The South Shore

In Massachusetts, a 1A divorce, or Joint Petition for Divorce, is when a couple agrees on everything about their split, like kids and money. It’s usually quicker and cheaper because there’s no big trial. Logan & Logan LLP helps with these types of divorces, making sure your rights are safe. They’re experts in family law and can guide you through. On the flip side, a 1B divorce is trickier and more emotional. Logan & Logan LLP is there to help with that too, using their 30+ years of experience to make it easier for you.

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Getting a divorce in Massachusetts involves a bunch of legal steps. It’s super important to understand what’s going on and follow all the rules. Talking to a family lawyer can help you out. Our experts will guide you through everything and make sure your rights are safe. If you need help, reach out to our team at Logan & Logan LLP. We offer a free chat to get you started. Just call (617) 209-3723 or fill out our contact form.

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